[Annoucement]Patch Notes from December/January

Patch 1.052/1.053
- Removal of Legacy code from beta
- Optimization to Login path in preparation for upcoming changes.
- Guild Emblems (edited)

Patch 1.054
- Cleanup of some legacy systems
- Trade message fixed
- Updates to OpenGL errors
- Handling for updating mouse pointer in outside of application resolution changes
- Enabled the ability to move the Party Window.

Patch 1.055
- Adjust text to be slightly more clear
- Add further enhancements to improve game integrity
- Add fixes for a rare case of item loss
- Add fixes for overbuying items
- Add fixes for a ring bug

Please note, while i'm hopeful this covers all the item loss possibilities, there is chance a bug still exists.

Have deployed a few more item loss examples. no new patch required for this change.

Patch 1.056
- Fixes holding position and skill rendering for Aarang Nang (Thanks @clin )
- Fixes Refine chance on Rac and Aarang shileds (thanks @Artur Bylina )

Patch 1.057 will be coming shortly to fix a few more items that were added recently along with a server reboot.

Patch 1.057
- Fixes items in Ancient Ruins (Level 100~120) holding and Skill animations (Thanks @clin )

Patch 1.058
- Fixes Mass heal's ability to kill
- Fixes a few more rare item loss cases
- Fixes Mir and Ohra damage types against monsters
- Optimization to some Map loading sections
- Guild Emblem Updates
- Backend Performance improvements in alot of the server communications
- Slight adjustment to drop rates.
- Client Release Pipeline improvements

Posted on: 2022-02-14 08:20:46.347
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