[Annoucement]Update on Lune

Hey Thangers,

Figured it was time for me to explain the issues with lune recently.

Awhile back, NZ bought in some new laws to help stop scams, money laundering etc.
I had not expected these changes to cause any impacts however, It's ended up in quite a lot of background work required.

Initially both my personal account and thangreborns accounts got disabled pending legal documentation.

This was easy enough to solve for my personal account, however for thangreborn things are a lot more difficult.
One solution i had was to fold the transactions into my personal account, much like is done elsewhere.

However, from the start I have been very clear that any funds that come in for thangreborn go back into it.
As such, I started on the difficult battle of arranging a physical title, location and all else that paypal requires.

The goods news is, we are just about there, fairly certain i had the last document signed and validated through a justice of a peace.

I expect over the next few days i'll be able to put everything back up to normal by the end of this week.

Appreciate all the messages of support i have had from many of you!
Kind regards,

Posted on: 2022-02-21 08:05:06.133
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