[Annoucement]Patch 1.062

Hey Thangers,

Bit of an update to go along with our upcoming Lune & website changes.

Patch 1.062 has now been released:
- Re-added Drop scrolls to lune store. Pricing has been updated on 10%, 20% and 40% scrolls.
- Added Perfect Hai-ring (Event). This has a 100% refine success chance, This is not a rebrand of the savour Orb.
- Cleanup item stats (Backend benefit)
- Remove overpowering from the Bagha Dart
- Remove secondary actions from Siamka Steel Nang series and Silver Bird Steel Nang
- Fix item kind on Manobeads sleaves +8~12
- Fix +3 Mana potion MP and HP bug.
- Remove SP Potion effect from all shards.

Posted on: 2022-06-19 09:42:34.730
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